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The Bad Experience Privilege

John says to Mark: “You had a good life, you have no idea what I went through, so, I don’t expect you to understand. I have had some awful experiences.”

Mark shuts up, End of Story.

Bad happens for a whole lot of reasons. When someone is selfish, the outcome is bad. When someone does nothing instead of something, bad happens. But, Good – It takes a lot of perseverance, consistency, and sacrifice.

We encourage people to share bad experiences more than their good experiences. It’s not enough to know “what not to do”; we also need to know “what to do.”

Do you think someone has had a good life? Ask them, what did their parents do, how were their friends, get curious. Don’t just dismiss them as ineligible to understand your life.

This world needs to hear good stories too, now more than ever.

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