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Outcome vs Process

Everyone wants their outcome to be “Perfect”.

How does one go about it?

Well, Look at the output and criticize it, iterate it. Miss the root cause and chase a ghost inside your head. Often underestimate problems and overestimate people. If someone has to define a quintessential lifestyle, most of the time, it would be outcome-driven. React to the Outcome, because one doesn’t understand their thought process.

What’s the alternative?

Try to perfect the process. 

First, define a process, apply it to a simple task. 

If the output is not favorable (time & quality), iterate the process. 

Iterate it till 8/10 times the output is favorable, and then scale it – Now take up more tasks. 

You and your team should trust the process and, along the way, make small amends.

Executing something is an art more than a science. Understanding what works and produces favourable outcomes, takes effort. Iterating output usually has no baseline; it can be extreme, leading to constant under-kills, over-kills, finally settling for something mediocre.

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